Where to Buy Beta Alanine Max

Beta Alanine Maxa bodybuilding supplement has had its fair share of publicity in the market. On a friend’s suggestion, I decided to review this NO supplement which promises a brawny physique in no time.

An NO Supplement!

It is a nitric oxide supplement that seeks to provide your body a boost of energy and promises a bulkier physique. With better endurance, clearly, one can work out better and gain bigger muscles. It also claims to lessen your recovery time between reps and sessions and diminishes post work out stress.

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Beta Alanine Max Ingredients

Ingredients as stated by the supplement are

  • Amino Acids/Nitric oxide boosters
  • Antioxidants

How Does Beta Alanine Max Work?

As per the information listed on label:

  • Amino Acids boost NO inside the body and helps in enhancing stamina and lessening recovery time
  • NO usually occurs naturally but when amino acids increase NO, blood vessels expand which gives way to more blood flow (plus nutrients and oxygen)
  • Post workout fatigue is also cut short along with more protein synthesis

My Experience!

As per the recommended dosage (2 pre-workout pills a day), I used my trial for eight days. Another friend of mine who has been into bodybuilding for over 14 years asked me to test this review as he had been recommended to use it. So, the results of my brief eight days rendezvous were:

  • Higher stamina (did 5 reps more per set-weight lifting)
  • Could lift 10 Kgs without losing breath
  • Cardio didn’t wear me out
  • 2.5” increase in biceps size

Side Effects!

The first two days, after workouts, it felt the intense need to keep working out and feeling of explosion in my stomach but on third day, it got normal. Guess that was just my body adapting.

Recommended or Not?

To be really honest, I was never in favor of using supplements because of the associated side effects. But with this, there were no side effects so it is safe and worth recommending.


Perks of using it…

  • Free trial
  • Home delivery facility
  • Natural, risk free ingredients
  • Inspected for safety and quality
  • Easy to swallow capsule form
  • Safer and affordable supplement as opposed to steroids and creatine
  • Fast results

The Not so Impressive Side!

  • Retail unavailability is a downer
  • Could result negatively if not taken as per directed dosage
  • Not for under 18

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Where to Buy?

You can put your order for paid as well as trial bottles on Beta Alanine Max official website.